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This glass takes the classic coupe and leans it slightly toward the martini with a cup angle that curves while sweeping upward. Lending a more modern line, this coupe is perfect for recipes demanding a coupe or a cocktail glass. Fine crystal in the Spiegelau tradition, you'll enjoy the look, the touch and the feel the Grandissimo brings to your bar.
Jeanne at CT

Grandissimo Coupe, Set of 2

Spiegelau is dedicated to producing the very best glasses possible. This means bringing to market glasses of the highest quality and aesthetics as well as durability and value. By remaining faithful to the spirit of artisan craftsmanship and committed to innovations and technological advances in the industry, Spiegelau is able to offer glasses that are both beautifully designed and resoundingly durable - in short, the best value available.

Grandissimo Coupe Cocktail 8 5/6 oz., 2 pcs gift box

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